Light Golden Brown Hair Color for Summer 2019

These light golden brown hair colors are perfect options for summer 2019. They are amazingly beautiful and go with these two sunny seasons. Since they easily catch the rays of the sun you can wear them for your hot and warm days if you want to go for a lighter shade. An important thing to keep in mind; while taking this golden brown hair color your hair may be easily damaged by bleaching products for blonde base color. But it’s perfect for those who have warm skin tones like olive skin or mocha African-American complexion. The ideal match can be natural brown hair and if you have natural brown hair you’d better try this fantastic shade at least once in your life.Light Golden Brown Hair Color 2019Most Iranian, Armenian, Italian, Greek, Arab, and Mexican women satisfy the demands of this hair color by their natural brown hair. Since they have warm skin complexion light golden brown hair color can look like a natural hair color on their hair. And those who have tanned skin or got a great tan during summer seasons can choose one shade of light golden brown hair color for autumn months. It will be a wise decision. You’ll look more attractive and it will highlight your stunning tan.

5 Subtle Hair Colors You Should Try in 2019

You know what is the difference between girly look and feminine look? It’s the styles you use to break the rules that you were used to use. Time passes on and you realize that you need more and more changes to look attractive. You try to be as fashionable as possible. Thus, it refers to your hairstyles and hair colors as well. This article will make you change your mind and create another style to fascinate everyone around you. We are going to represent 5 subtle hair colors you should try in 2019.sombre hair color 2019If you have ever followed the rules that the fashion world dictates then you probably know how funny it is to follow these rules. This time our hairstylists tried to show 5 hair colors in a new way instead of creating extravagant styles. And this sounds more attractive, since you will be amused by the new approach they used to make a change. it’s nothing but a simple hair color game that they played and the results are just fantastic. You won’t see extraordinary hairstyles but you’ll surely love the hair colors of different shades.

Shades of Purple Hair Color for 2019

If you decide to dye your hair on any purple color you’d better take the most recent and fashionable hues. Since 2019 is unique with it’s great suggestions of bright hair colors purple is one of the dominant hair colors among these vivid shades.  It was used by many celebrities and is on the top list of hair colors. The represented shades of purple hair color for 2019 will help you find the best shade according to your taste. You can pick any shade from dark indigo to pastel lilac which all look delicate and pretty.lilac hair colorChoosing a purple hair color: Before going for any shade of purple hair color, you need to decide which effect you want to get and what shade will be the best for it. Dark purple colors such as indigo, deep purple and burgundy can be achieved easier if you have dark hair color.

Katy Perry’s Hair Color Makeovers

We often refer to the fashionable hair colors of our Hollywood celebrities. This time we will discuss  Katy Perry’s hair Color Makeovers and the dramatic hair colors she chooses for her huge transformations. It’s a long time ewe are following Katy’s incredible changes and her hair color makeovers. The first fact that can surprise many of us is that her natural hair color is blonde. It’s really incredible. How she turned into the recent hues is quite interesting. So, let’s look at the pictures and see what hair colors has experimented Katy Perry so far.Katy Perry hair colors

Katy Perry Blonde Hair Color: As we have already mentioned, Katy Perry’s natural hair color is blonde. This cute hair colors suits her very much and makes her more delicate. As it’s her natural hair color it defiantly suits her skin complexion and eye color.  Wearing blonde on wavy medium length hair she looks quite pretty. Her hairstylist used the mixture of highlighting and ombre techniques to get this fantastic effect. She has her roots in lighter shades of blonde and the locks in golden hues of blonde. If you feel that this hair color goes with your skin tone you can also experiment it.

Choose the Right Shade of Blonde Hair Color

If you think that being natural blonde allows you to go for any blonde hair color, you are wrong. There are several rules even for blonde that want to go for another blonde hair shade. Our article will help you to find the right shade of blonde hair color and enjoy the incredible result that is going to look natural and tender on your head.blonde hair color Before dyeing your hair you should take into consideration many factors like your skin complexion, eye color, your face features, haircut and shade that you really want to get. So, the first thing you are expected to focus on is the possible blonde hair colors. The main shades are:

Find the Best Hair Color for You

In this article we want to represent hair colors that match your skin tone. You will have the opportunity of choosing the shade that best works with your skin complexion and eye color. This is the most important thing in hair dyeing. So, there are 4 main types of hair colors: black, blonde, red and colors 2019

Brunettebrunette hair color 2019This hair color tends to look nice on any complexion, however you should choose the shade that is closer to your skin tone. There are many shades of brunette and if you are a natural brunette then all brunette tones can match you. if you are blonde and still want to go for brunette shades, you can just add brunette highlights to your blonde locks. Another alternative can be the ombre technique which allows you to combine blonde roots with brunette edges. In both cases the effect is stunning.

Hair Colors for Short Hair 2019

If you have short haircut then perhaps you sometimes face difficulties while choosing a hair is not that easy to pick a suitable hair color short cuts and that’s why we explored the best hair colors for you to look stylish and young. This collection of hair colors for short hair 2019 includes superb choices for your next look.  Have a look at them and decide which hair color can best suit you and your hairstyle.pixie pink hairstyleSince, short haircuts tend to bring out your pretty face features there are several hair colors that also lighten it up. If you have decided to experiment with blue or pink hues then you are in the right destination. You can take the fashionable shades of these hair colors and match them with your pastel colored outfits. You’ll be a perfectly fashionable as pastel colors are the dominant colors for 2019. Perhaps after that you will dare to choose other original and vibrant colors. Looking at these pictures you will also realize that lighter shades are mostly matched with fair skin tones and darker hues are combined with warm skin tones.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut hair color is a balanced shade that can suite many skin complexions. It looks perfect on natural light to black natural hair colors. There are several ways of getting a chestnut hair shade and to bring it’s real effect. In this article you’ll learn how to get this fantastic shade of brown and what skin complexions work with it. So, if you want to dye your hair in any of chestnut shades, keep on reading. chestnut hair color 2018Pin-straight with a Tan: since chestnut color is a neutral hue it doesn’t grab whole attention for it. It tends to bring out your beautiful tanned or dark skin and to emphasize your pretty face features. It’s a hot and nice color that goes best with tanned skin. If you want to glow with this hair color you are supposed to combine it with a dark eyeliner and dark mascara. Makin your hair pin-straight you will have the ability to illuminate your face. It can structure a beautiful frame around your head.

Shades of Copper Hair Color

There are various shades of copper hair color starting from fiery copper to the sweatiest strawberry and dark ginger to copper penny. All these shades can bring lightness to your face and will grab more and more attention. All you need to do with this hair color is to choose the right shade for your skin complexion

Ginger Copper Hair ColorGinger Copper Hair ColorIf you want to dye your hair with a red shade not without losing your natural look, you can choose ginger copper hair color that is very elegant on any hairstyle. It is not only tender but also brightens up your appearance. Soft porcelain skin with pink undertones is perfect for this shade.

Chic Hair Color Ideas 2019

Bring some craziness with your new chic hair color. 2019 loves to provide hair colors that are crazy and original and make you look brave enough. Chic hair color ideas 2019 are here to inspire you for your next looks. These pictures will help to orientate what hairstyle and what hair colors you need for 2019. Besides being extravagant chic hair colors are also unique and interesting. They tend to keep your look fashionable and attractive. Dyeing you hair with one of these hair colors you’ll stand out from the crowd with your amazing look.Chic Hair Color purpleAll you need to get such results is to style your hair with a rich hair color palette. Before going for any of these hairstyles ask for the help of a good hairstylist who best knows what hair colors and what haircuts will suit your skin tone and face features. First of all get a haircut that works with your face features than choose suitable hair colors.