2019 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Because blonde is the softest hair color many of us dye even dark hair colors in blonde shades. Below you’ll see the latest blonde hair colors for 2019 and will start thinking of switching up your style and look with one of these cute hues. Blonde is always evolved with new touches and tints. Different tones compliment different skin complexions. Your job is to make the right choice.2019 Blonde Hair Color IdeasFresh Platinum Blonde Hair Color

There are awesome shades of blonde but the lightest one is the platinum blonde. Depending on your base shade you’ll get it on your hair either quicker or later (after deep bleaching). Dark hair colors request deep bleach to provide you with blonde base. After that you can dye your hair in a fresh platinum blonde hair color. The best thing about it is that you can match it with light t dark skin tones.platinum blonde hair color 2019Blonde Balayage Hair Color

What if blonde is used to create balayage hair colors and not all balayage shades require brown hues. Follow the mixing technique of hair dying and paint your hair in blonde balayage. This low-maintenance hair color is ideal for natural blondes who seek for a bit of lovely transformation. Grab an inspiring image and take it with you to the salon.Stonewash Blonde Hair Color

The grayish blonde hair color is now called stonewash. Silver strands demand white blonde undertones, which balance down the shade making it suitable for light and medium skin tones. Women with darker complexions should be careful and pay special attention to their haircuts. The shorter your stonewash hairstyle the more suitable it will be with dark skin. You can get it on ashy platinum blonde hair.  So, bring your hair to a possible ashy blonde hair color and then dye into the light stonewash shade.blonde hair 2019Natural Blonde Hair Color

Natural blondes are today’s most demanded shades in salons. Why do women choose natural-looking hair colors for 2019? The main reason is that light and soft blonde hair colors are angelic and make you look like a cute baby with that innocent facial impression. However, you can always become a seductive and attractive. In order to look natural you must take the suitable tint for according to your skin.  natural blonde hair color 2019Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

And something warmer is the strawberry blonde hair color. It’s the lightest red shade that makes hair warmer in its tone and softer in its reflections. Strawberry blonde hair colors are amazing even on messy hairstyles. Just imagine how classy and elegant they are on straight and sleek hairstyles.