The hottest blonde hair colors & trends for 2019

If you are looking for the latest blonde hair colors then you are in the right place. The coolest and trendy blonde hair colors are here for you to provide you the most fashionable looks for 2019. Women who tend to find the best blonde hair color can easily do their choice just here.

Best Celebrity Hair Colors 2018-2019

Summer is coming closer to it’s final hot days and we keeping our eyes on the fashion changes want to share with you the best celebrity hair colors for 2019 which are going to be trendy in 2019 too. These shades are very seductive and call you to transform your entire look. Follow the rules of the fashion and change your style with a new hair color.

Kim Kardashian Hair Colors 2019Kim Kardashian hair colors for 2018-2019Kim amused us with her new hair colors which include both dark and light shades. We have seen her with platinum blonde and brunette hair colors like dark brown, espresso, black and other shades. Definitely all these hues go with her complexion and highlight her hot look.

Dark Blonde Hair Colors

More often women with natural blonde hair color experiment with different blonde shades choosing any color they want. This hair color provides less opportunities for brunettes that’s why they start with the dark blonde hair color. It is is closer to the lightest brown shade that’s why it can be easily achieved on natural brunettes. But before choosing any shade of dark blonde you should consider the fact whether it suits you or not.dark blonde hair colors 2019There are several shades of dark blonde hair color between which you can find light to dark hues. If you are thinking of the best shade for your complexion keep on reading to learn which one to take. If you have dark eye color with dark or olive skin tone you should take the darkest shade of blonde. The same is recommended for medium skin toned ladies who may also take medium shades. Avoid lighter hues as they can destroy your entire look. If you have dark eye and fair skin tone or light eye and pale skin obviously lighter blonde shades will work well with your complexion.

5 Hair Color Trends to Try Before the Year Ends

Want to change your hair color but don’t know which shade to take? We will help you find the most suitable hue for you right here. Try one of these 5 hair color trends before the year ends and look as fashionable as you wanted during the whole year. We collect the best options and offer you the most stylish solutions. Keep your eye on these shades and pick the one that best goes with your complexion.

Platinum Blonde Hair Colorplatinum blonde hair colors 2019These days platinum blonde hair color is worn by many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Margot Robbie and by many others. It suits both light and dark skin toned ladies and if you have dark hair color you are supposed to go for bleaching before dyeing it platinum blonde. Of course, it’s easier for natural blondes to get platinum blonde hair color on their locks. This hue closer to the lightest shades of blonde, tends to highlight your beauty and bring out your complexion. It also lightens up your entire look focusing on your face features. If you have dark eyes then they will surely pop out, if you have light eyes they will make a harmonious and well-balanced look. Actually monotone platinum blonde is a subtle hue and can be worn on any length of hair.

Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2019

With the changes of weather we think of new hair colors suitable for the coming season. Taking into consideration the fact that summer is coming to it’s end we should look for new hair color ideas for fall 2019. If you want to look refreshed and fashionable at the same time you should go for a shade appropriate for the humid and rainy autumn. This season is very inspiring due to it’s game of different hues which are very beautiful and captivating. So, if you feel that you are going to switch up your shade then consider the following hair colors worn by colors for fall 2019Flaxen Blonde Hair color

This hair color giving some lightness to on the locks and darkness on the roots is very suitable for fall due to the dark golden shade and combined with flaxen blonde. It was experimented by Taylor Schilling, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough and many others. Flaxen blonde best works with fair complexions and brings out dark eye makeup.

Miley Cyrus Hair Color Makeover

Millions of fans of Miley Cyrus always keep their eye on their favorite singer’s transformations and copy some of them. They look for any detail she adds to or removes from her style. If you too like to follow Miley’s steps then perhaps you’ll also like to know her hair color changes and the hairstyles she has worn so far. Here you can see shades that are very fashionable today and if you want you can copy them for your next looks. So, let’s discover Miley Cyrus hair color makeover right here.Miley Cyrus hair color makeover 2019Miley Cyrus Natural Hair Color

Each time we represent the hair colors of our celebrities we start with their natural color. Perhaps this is the most interesting fact and it’s really fascinating to know the natural shade of this or that celebrity. So, Miley used to have long brown hair which beautifully sparkled on her rich voluminous curls. Of course this hair color suited her very much and she looked fabulous with it.

Taylor Swift’s Blonde Hair Colors

We often refer to the hair colors represented by our stylish celebrities and this time we have collected the best of bests of Taylor Swift. As Taylor always sparkles with her blonde shades we have decided to devote a special article to her blonde hair colors sported so far. In this post you are going to see the most delicate blonde hair colors which are always in thing and never go out of style. If you are thinking of a nice blonde hue these examples can help you find the most suitable shade for you.Taylor Swift blonde hair colors 2019Taylor Swift honey blonde hair color

Honey blonde hair color is a warm shade of blonde that has a beautiful shiny hues reflecting on Taylor’s long sleek straight hairstyle. It best shows off it’s smashing shade on her thick bold bangs especially. This hair color can warm up your complexion and if you have pale skin tone you can make it warmer with honey blonde shade.

Beach Hair Colors 2019

The hottest month of summer is coming and what hair colors wear stylish women on the beach in 2019 you will learn just here. Everyone knows about the rich and luxurious Ibiza beach where the youth full of energy spends summer. It’s one of the most alluring beaches providing you with miraculous services and with the best rest ever. Here come people all over the world and love to party till the end of their holiday. During these parties ladies love to appear with fresh and alluring hair colors. Now, we’ll discuss these hair colors and we recommend you to pay attention to the hairstyles too.beach hair colors 2019Sun-Kissed Blonde and Light Brown

Women with medium skin tones choose hair colors that can warm up their complexion. Between blonde shades you can take sun-kissed blonde which is a very shiny and sparkling hue. It looks nice with boho waves which can be styled in simple hair styling ways. Another great alternative is light brown hair color with some dark blonde highlights which bring not only dimension but also make your hair look healthy.

Blonde Hair Color with Lowlights

Lowlights can give your blonde hair color darkness and make it flashier. You can get a stylish look by adding some dark shade to your hair color by the means of lowlights. If you are thinking of the best version of blonde hair color with lowlights you can take examples from celebs and also read the tips in this article.Blonde Hair Color with Brown LowlightsTake into account that contrast is in thing when it comes to lowlights or highlights and you can choose dark tones or even bold hues for your light blonde hair. Applying deep blonde and light brown highlights on your toffee, honey, bronze, caramel or beige hair color will bring the best looks.

Shiny Golden Blonde Hair Color

Golden blonde is the brightest shade among blonde hair colors. It’s very shiny and looks fabulous. It tends to bring a sun-kissed look and if it’s what you need you will surely love this hair color. Try it out if it goes with your complexion. Now, we’ll discuss some possible shades of golden blonde hair color.Shiny Golden Blonde Hair ColorBefore going to this hair color makes sure it suits your skin tone. The best matching make warm skin tones and eye colors. Women having brown skin with golden undertones will glow with this hair color.

Fashionable Hair Colors to Try in 2018-2019

Today we’ll speak about the recent fashionable hair colors that you can try in 2018-2019. If you are a lover of stylish looks keep on reading to discover these great hair colors.

Ombré hair color

beach ombre hair color idea 2019

Ombre technique is particularly great for brunettes that seek for light hair coloring without changing their hair color radically. Ombre hair color is darker at the roots and lighter on the ends. You can get it by the balayange technique and is perfect for those that look for a low-maintained style.