5 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know for 2019

Sometimes millions of hair color ideas are not enough when you can’t find the right hue for your hair. Today I represent the latest 5 hair colors for 2019 that will give you the best idea on how to refresh your locks with the trendiest shade. You are going to meet the desired shade that’s here to stay for a long time. Check out these hair colors trends for 2019 and consult with your colorist to pick up the most glamorous ton for your tresses.5 Hair Color Trends You Need to Know for 2019White Blonde Hair Color

We often see the platinum blonde hair color as a big trend but here is the purely white blonde to replace it in 2019. It is subtler and looks fantastic especially with light complexions and light eyes. You can start the coming season with a lighter shade like the white blonde. It will highlight your femininity and will soften your haircut whether it’s short or long.white blonde hair color 2019Deep Copper Hair Color

The deepest and brightest shade of copper is the trendiest red hair color for 2019. It appeals to many natural redheads too. There is always a great chance for them to update their hair. So, the dark copper is waiting for you if you have pale to medium complexion with light or warm eyes. It is perfect for anyone who wants to become a stylish redhead. Women of various age groups can consider it as a huge hair color trend.deep copper hair color 2019Natural-Looking Bronde Hair Color

Bronde hair colors are either natural or colored. If yours is natural then you don’t need to go for additional changes to look stylish. This hair color idea is great for any occasion and season. It’s ready to highlight you natural charm and provide you with the fancy nude style. Both black and white women have the chance to get bronde hair. It’s only a matter of darkness and lightness in tones you need to choose.bronde hair color 2019Grey Hair Color with Dark Roots

Today many short-haired ladies dye their hair in grey shades keeping the roots darker. This trick works well with naturally dark hair but you can darken up your light roots too in order to get this hair color combo. Depending on the darkness f your skin tone you can opt for a matching silver tone and dark shade for the roots. Light-skinned women may go for silver blue highlights.grey hair color with dark roots 2019Natural Light Brown Hair Color

The baby brown hair color is here to replace your current natural shade. It’s the subtlest tone of brown that beautifully shines under the rays of the sun like no any other brunette shade. You can rock it with brown eyes, light or medium skin tones. Try to keep it as shiny as possible with regular touch ups.light brown hair color 2019