Stylish Hair Streaks for 2019

Hair highlights or the so-called hair streaks are the most gorgeous ways to spice up any base hair color. If you are looking for unique and stylish hair streaks for 2019 then check out these fabulous looks. They are going to inspire you to switch up your look with a stunning touch. These hair highlights are flashy and interesting. They are ready to refresh your base shade with a glamorous highlights 2019Faded Rainbow Streaks

If you like rainbow highlights but don’t want to go for too bold styles there is the faded style for you to consider in 2019. What’s it? Well, faded rainbow highlights are the soft pastel shades that go well with most hair colors and tend to add a pop of color keeping everything sophisticated and glamorous. Mix several pastel shades and place them on your hair in a harmonious and well-balanced way. Rock this style in summer because it’s the best season for bright hair colors and matching vibrant makeups.faded rainbow highlights 2019Green Streaks

Green hair colors with turquoise touches and blends are the latest trendy hair highlights that go well with brunette hair. Women with lighter base shades can get delightful pastel green streaks. This hair color idea is incredibly beautiful particularly on braided hairstyles. Whatever you try highlights are always great for plaits and if you often braid your locks into trendy plaits then this is surely one of the best ideas to highlights 2019Pink Highlights

Pink streaks are usually worn by blondes because light blonde hair colors allow bringing out any bright shade you mix with them. Go for vibrant pink streaks to warm up your blonde hair and add an interesting effect to it. If you like modern girlish hairstyle ideas then pink streaks are perfect for you. They are gorgeous with any hairstyle idea. Just make sure you place them on the face framing highlights 2019Red Highlights

Red streaks never go out of style. They are always astonishing and trendy. Choose the most suitable tone of red for your base hair color and get a fascinating delight. Style loose messy, wavy, curly and straight hairstyles to showcase the freshness and beauty of those streaks. There is nothing more attractive than a beautifully styled highlighted highlights 2019Pastel Blue Streaks

Pick up silver inspired pastel blue streaks for short to medium hair as they are dainty and fancy at the same time. Of course, you can focus on denim hair colors too, but the lighter your highlights the subtler your hairstyles will look. both blonde and brunettes can find matching tones of blue to highlights the surface of their base shade. As for the hairstyles, pastel blue highlights are best reflected on loose highlights 2019