2019 Inspiring Pastel Dye Jobs for Your Next Hair Color Transformation

Pastel hair colors are not out of style. They are just taken to the next level with more modern twists and interesting tricks. Here I represent the latest pastel hair color ideas for 2019. Girls who want to beautify their locks with the subtlest and most girlish hair color trend may take a look at this string of hot hair colors. They are as gorgeous as the best rainbow hair jobs.pastel hair colors 2019Multi-Tone Fade of Pastel

Keeping hair in multi-tone shades is more than eye-catching especially when hair is long. Long haircuts allow you to opt for the popular multi-tone fade of pastel. Its main principle is to provide your hair with a bright hue on the top and with a faded effect at the tips. You can us the light and darker tones of the same pastel hair color for this awesome result.MULTI SHADE FADE of pastel 2019Ghost White Pastel Hair Color

When we say ghost white we generally mean the combination of the lightest pastel shades that have whitish effects. This is the subtlest option of all pastel hair color that you can meet in the fashion world. Of course, it requires light hair color and light complexion to look so ravishing and beautiful. In case of having dark sin you may fail the desired result. Ask your hair colorist mix light sky blue, lavender and silver tones to achieve this sophisticated harmony of shades on your hair. Pair it with the softest and most exquisite hairstyles.ghost white pastel hair color 2019Pastel Peach/Rose Gold Hair Color

The newest blend of the pastel peach and rose gold hair colors is considered as one of the hottest and warmest shades for spring and summer. Make the coming summer days more enjoyable with such a stunning hair color idea. It works both with light and warmer complexions and goes well with brown and lighter hair colors. The best thing about the peach rose gold is that it’s both a pastel inspired hair color and a golden tone of rose.pastel peach hair color 2019Pastel Pink Ombre Hair Color

Would you like to color your hair in a trendy tow-tone hair color there is nothing better than the modern ombre. Take dark and light shades of pink and dye your roots in a dark tone and lighten up the tips in lighter shade. The result will be something like this. If you want to get a fancier result then keep the roots mixed with a brown or black shade. It can actually be your natural hair color. As for the tips, use pastel pink.pastel pink ombre hair color 2019