Unique Hair Colors 2019: Latest Street Looks

We often meet unique and fascinating hairstyles worn by everyday passers-bye and the fact is that style is something individual and no one can tell what’s going to be trendy tomorrow in the world of fashion. Some fashionistas like to create their own looks and therefore bring style statement and give us new ideas on how to look modern. Here are unique hair colors for 2019 inspired by the latest street looks.Unique Hair Colors 2019: Latest Street LooksGranny Hair Trend

The granny hair trend continues having its moment. This hair color idea came to the world of fashion a few years ago and is still one of the most requested styles that have so much attractiveness in it. You can dye your hair in many shades but you are supposed to have grey strands at the end. So, you may try this look in your younger years and stand out in the crowd with your sophisticated style.granny hair trend 2019Neon Green Hair Color

Although neon hair colors are very eye-catching but many stylish ladies are not afraid of these shades. The majority goes for the green tone. Here you see one cool example of a neon green hair color that beautifully shines under the rays. It’s really fresh and stunning. Those with short haircuts can also consider neon hues in 2019 if they want to look more interesting and playful. The best part about these hues is that they don’t ask skin tone and eye shade. They go well with all complexions from darkest to the lightest.neon green hair color 2019Opal-Denim Hair Color

The denim and opal hair colors that have bluish and light pastel tones capture many hearts with their subtleness. While you like wearing fully denim others prefer dying their hair in the same shades. Opal and denim hair colors are becoming more and more popular thanks to brave celebrities and models that always have something new to offer their fans.Fiery Balayage Hair Color

Everyone knows how the traditional balayage hair color looks but a few can imagine its style in the fiery look. So, meet the ravishing fiery balayage hair color that’s ready to warm up your brunette hair. Just keep the roots dark and warm up the rest of your long layers with a reddish brown or copper shade.fiery balayage hair color 2019Light Tiger Eye Highlights

Another way to warm up dark or light hair is going for tiger eye highlights. These are caramelized and brownish highlights that work with many hair colors and create richer effects. If you have long hair then you are going to get a super amazing style with tiger eye highlights. They are great with green or brown eyes.light tiger eye highlights 2019